Monday 20 June 2022

Docker SBOM - Software Bill Of Materials

In an earlier post on this blog I was curious about comparing Docker images to try to track down the differences that might be causing performance problems. Since then I have had a play with the sbom Docker command for listing out what is included in the image.

Following the documentation at:

Below is an example of the output of a run of a locally built app:

> docker sbom hello-world-alpine-jlink:latest


Syft v0.43.0
 ✔ Loaded image            
 ✔ Parsed image            
 ✔ Cataloged packages      [16 packages]

NAME                    VERSION       TYPE         
alpine-baselayout       3.2.0-r20     apk           
alpine-baselayout-data  3.2.0-r20     apk           
alpine-keys             2.4-r1        apk           
apk-tools               2.12.9-r3     apk           
busybox                 1.35.0-r13    apk           
ca-certificates-bundle  20211220-r0   apk           
docker-comparison       1.0-SNAPSHOT  java-archive  
jrt-fs                  11.0.15       java-archive  
libc-utils              0.7.2-r3      apk           
libcrypto1.1            1.1.1o-r0     apk           
libssl1.1               1.1.1o-r0     apk           
musl                    1.2.3-r0      apk           
musl-utils              1.2.3-r0      apk           
scanelf                 1.3.4-r0      apk           
ssl_client              1.35.0-r13    apk           
zlib                    1.2.12-r1     apk   


This is a much more detailed listing of the components that are included in the docker image than we would get from looking at the Dockerfile or image history, so I would recommend it as a way of checking what you are including in an image. The main feature request that I have is to separate the artifacts by type, though in this trivial example that is simple enough to do by just looking at the listing.

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